Quralic Total Kit


* 4 oz. White. Pink. Natural Pink
* 8 oz. Clear Powder / * 16 oz. Gel Liquid
* U.V Brush, Dust Brush / * 1/2 oz. Dura Glossy Gel
* 1/2 OZ. Klinger(Primer) / * 4pcs Powder ε Liquid Containers

Total Kit: $200.00

HOJA’s Quralic takes the best features of other UV Gel and Acrylic products and combines them to create a product you are sure to add to your list of favorites. Like acrylic products, Quralic is strong so, it looks new between 떼s . Quralic can be extended without using sculpture form when your client wants their nails a little longer.

* Comes In 6 Different Colors
* Looks Great In Between Fills
* Creates A Smooth Natural Look
For Many Different Skin Tones

* Easy To Apply
* Strong
* Long Lasting

Do Not
* Have A Strong Odor
* Turn Yellow





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